Disappearing Acts


Roderick Hietbrink - The Slimy is Myself, or How I Want to Be a Pigeon

Disappearing Acts is an exhibition of tentative things that takes place in an ugly building in a beautiful place. It’s an attempt at triangulating between a dream, a nightmare, and an indictment of our present moment.’
– Matt Packer and Arne Skaug Olsen

With Lofoten’s nature and culture and the demolition-ready hardware and furniture store Jern & Bygg as a framework, LIAF 2015 used as its starting point the idea that our possibility to change the world is about to disappear. 24 artists from various countries participated, and several works were created especially for the biennial.

Technological and ecological development and the course of history have brought us to where we are today. The artists involved in LIAF 2015 focused on different points on these trajectories. The dystopian theme gained distinct significance in Lofoten, a place where economics and ecology are closely connected and managed so as to achieve a fragile balance.

Curators: Matt Packer and Arne Skaug Olsen