Something in the Way

Anna Molska

Anna Molskas (1983, PL) two-channel video projection for LIAF consists of two films, made independent of each other. This combination of films brings up the conflicting subject of beauty. As a reaction to its omnipresence in the north Norwegian landscape and also as a subject of art and a subjective experience. Molskas works often focus on the performing body, complicating the relationship between live action and utopian abstraction. In these two films,a people, their actions and movements are central in very different ways but connected by a similar space – a glasshouse.
The Moaners, 2010, is a documentation of seven women from the small polish village Kocudza. These women are professional moaners who can be hired to sing at funerals, weddings or at any occasion – performing authentic rural songs of mid south Poland. The beautiful glasshouse where it takes place was polish painter Kossak’s studio in the past. The glasshouse of the new film is something completely different – a destroyed space, kept alive after a huge fire with cheap random color coverage.

Anna Molska, LIAF 2011. Photo: NNKS/LIAF