LIAF 2019

Biret Ristin Sara & Ravna Anti Guttorm

Biret Ristin Sara and Ravna Anti Guttorm are from Karasjok, Norway, and have done Sami joiks (traditional Sami chants) since they were children. In their youth Guttorm and Sara sang joiks on a public stage for the first time in 1976; since then they have worked together in multiple settings. The duo has released the albums Čalbmelan (1995), with traditional personal joiks from their own region, and Gilši (2012), the latter thematising the circumstances of women in reindeer herding. They have been on stage together at the national and international level, including performances with Nils-Aslak Valkeapää and the band Transjoik.

Biret Ristin Sara and Ravna Anti Guttorm participated in LIAF 2019 with joiks during the opening weekend.