Something in the Way

Christoph Keller

In playful and involving installations resembling scientific displays or configurations, Christoph Keller (1969, DE) explores the experimental fringes of scientific disciplines. The unfamiliar and sectarian character of this “fringe science” also serves to shed light on the belief systems of scientific communities in general and their implicit utopian aspects. The Cloudbuster-Project (2003) was a re-enactment of the Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich’s experiments of influencing the atmosphere with Orgone energy. For LIAF Keller will develop the research involving Orgone energy in relation to Norwegian Reich student Ola Raknes. Keller’s works will be shown in the garage of the Barrel Factory and its surrounding outdoor area at Prestskjeia.

Christoph Keller, LIAF 2011. Photo: NNKS/LIAF