Just what is it that makes today so familiar, so uneasy?

HC Gilje

HC Gilje (1969, Norway) lives and works in Oslo, Norway. He works with installations, live performance, set design and single channel video. In his recent works he has been interested in the intersection of light and physical structures, creating movement through objects and spaces, and in conversations with spaces using his custom-made digital tools. Recent solo exhibitions include Woodstreet Galleries (Pittsburgh, USA, 2012), IMAL (Brussels, Belgium, 2011) and Galleri 21 (Malmö, Sweden, 2010). His work has been shown in exhibitions such as ‘The Dark Universe’, Sonic Acts/NASA (Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2013), ‘Total City’, Insititut Valencia d’Art Modern (Spain, 2012), and the 1s Brussels Biennial, at Parc Sportif (Rabat, Morocco, 2008). Apart from exhibitions, Gilje has presented his work throughout the world in concert venues, theatres and cinemas, at festivals, in the outdoors and through several international DVD releases.

H C Gilje, 2013. Photo: Kjell Ove Storvik