Something in the Way

Kjersti G. Andvig

Many of Kjersti Andvigs (1979, NO) works start with an “impossible” idea, an ambitious plan revolving around a universal problem that gradually seeps into the artist’s personal life. The boarder between the artistic object and the artist’s subject dissolves in Andvig’s works, giving them an uncompromising and empathic character rarely to be found in contemporary art. The works are often made with prosaic techniques such as knitting, raking and mirrors a slow, meticulous process that might be perceived as a contrast to the often explicit themes. For LIAF Andvig will make an outdoor sculpture with an accompanying audio piece on an islet outside Smedviken, accessible only during the daily few hours of low tide.

Kjersti G. Andvig, LIAF 2011. Photo: NNKS/LIAF