LIAF 2019

Martha Todd

Martha Todd is a London based figurative sculptor and photographer, currently researching a PhD by practice: ‘Embodying the unreal – (re)making the mannequin in contemporary art.’
Since graduating from the Royal College of Art, alongside producing work for exhibition, she has been developing sculptural skills through experiences as a shop display mannequin maker. Her studio practice includes the use of clay, mould-making and body casting in various materials. She subverts, pauses and dissects these skills to create figurative sculpture that intends to provoke an emotional reaction, in opposition to the simulation that is the display mannequin. The aim of her practice is to reflect reality by highlighting the importance of imperfection through referencing the human body and the connection between the maker and material during the sculptural process.

Martha contributed to the High Tides programme of Maths, Matter & Body.

From public workshop with Martha Todd during the Maths, Matter & Body programme. Photo: Kari Finstad, LIAF 2019.
Artworks produced during public workshop with Martha Todd. Photo: Kari Finstad, LIAF 2019.