To See the World, To Feel With Your Eyes

Mauricio Dias and Walter Riedweg

Mauricio Dias (born 1964) and Walter Riedweg (born 1955) have been working together since 1993. Their work often focuses on specific groups of people and seeks to tell both the story of the respective group and the personal histories of the individuals who belong to it. Their first collaborative project was with the street children of Rio de Janeiro. Later works have involved the janitors of Sao Paulo apartment buildings, dog-handlers patrolling the Mexican/USA border, and asylum seekers in Great Britain.
Their works are video installations in which they weave a variety of view- points into the scenes they stage together with their collaborators. They combine elements of documentary with performativity, and interviews in joint projects with the selected group. The starting point for each work is the location or the environment in which it is set
Mauricio Dias and Walter Riedweg live and work in Rio de Janeiro.