LIAF 2019

Signe Johannessen

Signe Johannessen was born and raised in Norway and is now living in Sweden. She is a graduate of the Oslo Academy of the Arts and the Royal Institute of Arts in Stockholm. Her work areas are sculptures, video, drawings, installations and performance. The processes are often interdisciplinary and developed from participant workshops and through surveys in collaboration with invited experts. For assignments that concern art in public spaces, the artist often collaborates with Erik Rören. Johannessen and Rören are the founders of Art Lab Gnesta, a self-organized,experimental practice. The institution is located in Sörmland, south of Stockholm, but has a distinct business internationally. Art Lab Gnesta is a place for experimental links between art and society.

Signe Johannessen’s work was displayed at the LIAF Exhibition. She was also a contributor to the The Kelp Congress.

Signe Johannessen, The Kelp Medal of Honour, 2019. Public workshop, sculpture, performance. Photo: Michael Miller, LIAF 2019.
Signe Johannessen, Thank You for Carrying, 2016. Video, 8 min 42 sek. Photo: Kjell Ove Storvik, LIAF2019