Something in the Way

Simen Dyrhaug

Simen Dyrhaug (1979-2008, NO) worked primarily with drawings put together in large assemblages in the gallery, studio or living room. In a hybrid of cartoon aesthetics and a painterly approach, he made explosive collages where improvisation seemed to be the only unalterable rule. The fundamental narrations in our collective consciousness provide the raw material in Dyrhaug’s myhtological jigsaw puzzle, showing the reverse side of the face of rational, modern society. LIAF will present a selection of Dyrhaug’s drawings on the first floor of the Barrel Factory.

“My project is already a cacophony of utterances, narrative drawings, patterns, samples, quotes and private confessions all jumbled up. It’s hard for me to express any clear meaning behind my works. They operate in a landscape where logic is subordinate. I like to think of my art as magic. Not that the works are small miracles but rather the products of a magical process. My starting point is a tangle of loose threads. I’m still trying to tie these together. New loose threads present themselves constantly. The puzzle will never be resolved.”

Simen Dyrhaug, LIAF 2011. Photo: NNKS/LIAF